Thursday, March 24, 2016

Control your home with your Smartphone or Tablet

Imagine your smartphone or tablet enabling features of controlling your home! Smartphones are the closest things to us now. They are the first thing we see in the morning and the last thing we see before we go to bed.

There were days when we fought for the TV remote, but times have changed now. We no longer are bothered about the remote. All we are bothered is about our smartphones. So when we cling to our smartphones to this extent, why can’t we make them work for us?

With the smartphones we can control and monitor the on-going activities of the devices in the house. As it is a device that is close to us, it is easier to access and operate it. Also the device allows operating multi-functional electrical devices.

Now you don’t have to be worried about what’s ON/OFF at home or whether the window curtains are drawn or not. Whatever be the case, can be resolved with a simple click of a button on your smartphone. 

Mornings are times when you are in a hurry and tend to forget something or the other. This is the time many things can go wrong and prove to be dangerous too. For example: You may forget to lock the door which is a clear way for the intruders to get in and loot your home. This can be very dangerous in terms of safety and security. But with home automation, you can lock/unlock your door remotely via your smartphone from anywhere in the world.

Installation of various sensors gives a sense of safety and security. Gas sensors detect and raise an alarm in case of a gas leak letting us to take necessary actions accordingly. The same goes with the smoke sensor. These sensors are installed for safety and security of the occupants in the house. The moment there is some activity sensed in the house, you are immediately notified via an SMS, message or email.
The home automation controlled and monitored with a smartphone or a tablet has a lot of advantages. 

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Its convenience that makes a difference

If you are given a choice of using a manual or automated product, without a doubt I can say that most of us would go for the automated one. Why? Because of the convenience it offers. Anyone would like to opt for the one that is easily accessible.

With various kinds of sensors introduced today, a motion sensor makes its way to the top with its impeccable features and energy saving capability.

 A motion sensor provides a lot of convenience and comfort after installation. Automation has in a lot of ways changed the way we think about things.

The motion sensors work on the basis of sensed movement. Automatic turn ON/OFF of lights depends on the presence/absence of an entity in that particular area. The light is shut OFF automatically the moment no movement is sensed. This helps reduce wastage of electricity and contributes to a greener environment.

The motion sensors can be installed in the porch area which is a common area for fiddling with the house keys. You definitely would not want to do that. Installing a motion sensor in this area will turn ON the lights once you step in that area and then you can calmly take out the keys and make your way into the house.

Friday, January 15, 2016

A roving eye that you would love!

A roving eye is something that is despised by everyone. But there is a type of roving eye which everybody would love! And it’s an IP Camera. This camera can be placed anywhere within the premises of your residence, office, hospital, hotel, etc.

It can record videos and store them for a certain period which can be watched over whenever needed. You can keep a watch on your property immaterial of the place that you are in. It is a solution to most of your problems. From keeping a watch over children to finding out if any misconduct is taking place in the office, the camera seems to be a life saver.

In hospitals the cameras play a huge role. There are cases where we come across stories which deal with accusations observing cheating leading to losing one’s life. With cameras this can be avoided or caught. Nobody will dare to cheat if they know that they are being watched. It is better to have cameras in these zones as these are known to be sensitive zones.

The camera can be placed in the emergency ward where the patients are kept under observation. If there is any kind of misbehavior or something unexpected happens in the ward, the hospital authorities can immediately take action regarding the same.

Another place which is dominated by the camera is the jeweler’s shop. These shops are seldom seen without a camera. Because it is a place where most thefts are likely to occur. With the help of a camera, the thief can be caught easily by looking at the footage in the camera. Also the footage serves as a valid proof for any misconduct taking place in that place.

The camera can be installed anywhere to watch over the happenings taking place in a particular area. Also the camera can be placed outside the front door to keep a tag of the visitors.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Gas Leak at Meerut - An Eye Opener for the installation of Gas Sensor

The incident occurred in Meerut on 8th November, 2015. In Meerut’s Lisari Gate area, 20 children were affected by the leak. The fire department officials reached at the spot and handled the situation.

The gas leak occurred near the site which was meant for a cold storage plant. On investigation, the officials could not find out the reason for the gas leak so the officials caught hold of the garbage sellers to find information on the same.

Further investigation lead to believe that a garbage seller had burnt a can of chemical or some wires which triggered the leakage. On knowing this, the fire officials sprayed water over the area to take care of the situation temporarily.

When the residents were informed about the gas leak, they were worried initially about the effects that they would have to face due to the gas leak, but were relieved when the day passed without any issues. Though some people complained of feeling dizzy on the night the incident took place, their condition improved the next day.

Ajay Kumar Agarwal, station officer at Kotwali police station investigated the matter further and found the situation under control. So they informed the residents that there was nothing to worry but also told them to be alert and to report if they see something suspicious.

This gives us a reason to think about how safe we are in a society. The mistake may not be yours but you might be the one paying for it. This incident would have been detected at an early stage if a gas sensor would have been installed in that place. It is better to be safe than sorry. Installing a gas sensor would do no harm but instead would have alerted the officials muchbefore they found out.

Monday, November 16, 2015

5 Gadgets that will convert your Home into a Smart Home

A home remains a home when it’s built with love and care and it turns into a Smart Home when it is built with proper planning. When we think of having comfort and luxury together, it becomes a costly affair. But BuildTrack brings you 5 gadgets that will help to convert your home into a Smart Home in just a couple of hours.


·         These gadgets are manufactured using advanced technology built to suit Indian requirements
·         Affordable and User Friendly

What makes a Common Home a Smart Home?

·         Highly integrated security systems
·         Sensors for detecting and warning against dangers
·         Ability to monitor multiple tasks with a single controller

What features does BuildTrack offer?

·         Temperature controls for ACs
·         Remote Controlled monitoring of electrical devices
·         Video Door Phones
·         Motion, Gas, Smoke Sensors and more….
·         Smartphone Control for monitoring all the devices at home

Smart Home Automation is something that works right from the time you step into the house to the moment you step out. It is designed to provide you with all the luxuries and comforts for a world-class living.

Different products which are a part of the automation solution, work in sync to give you a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle.

The moment you enter the house, you press a button and the gates slide aside providing you access to your property. With the Smartphone Control, before entering the house you can light up the rooms and adjust the temperature according to your mood. It also helps you unlock the main door remotely. This takes away the monotony to wait after ringing the bell. The EzRemote helps to turn on the lights and fans while you are relaxing on the couch, open the curtains and enjoy the view after a tiresome day, etc. Installation of motion sensors in the bathroom takes away your worry to turn ON/OFF the lights.

You would also like to know whether anyone visited you while you were at work? Is that possible? Absolutely Yes. IP Cameras by BuildTrackhelps you watch recordings of the videos captured of the people who visited youin your absence.

While you are relaxed on the couch and somebody is at the door, you could access the main door without actually being there. The Video Door Phone helps you to communicate with the visitor remotely.

After a long day, when you would like to snuggle into your bed for a good sleep and are in no mood to get up and draw the curtains, or turn off the lights, etc. Just relax. Nothing to worry. With the EzRemote, things get a lot easier. You could draw the curtains, turn off the lights, and adjust the temperature of the AC, etc. with just the touch of a button.

Note: All the above mentioned activities can be performed with the help of a Smartphone too.
The good news is…..all these activities can be carried out without burning a hole into your pocket.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Automate your home this Diwali 2015 with Buildtrack Automation Products

Diwali is a festival of lights. It is one of the most awaited festivals of the year. We have family get together, card parties; children burst crackers and the festival is enjoyed to its fullest.

We are so busy with our preparations during Diwali that we tend to ignore small things like the safety and security of children. They sit aside playing and we think they are doing well, but we never know when their mischief might turn into a dangerous incident.

Diwali involves bursting a lot of crackers. Many a times we leave our house open and burst crackers outside. Our houses are filled up with flammable things. One spark and our negligence can destroy everything.

To be safe than sorry, it is better to use Smoke/Fire Sensors which warn us in case of smoke/fire. It rings a bell which helps to take necessary precautions during an emergency. With automation, lot of things becomes easier to control. And for the ones who think it’s a costly affair need not worry as it is quite reasonable.

With home automation, you can control the lights, fans,AC’s, curtains/blinds, etc. Hand held remotes can be used to switch off thelights and fans when not in use. Apart from this you can also use your smartphone to remotely switch ON/OFF the electrical devices.

Now, if you have kids bothering you by frequenting IN/OUT of the house while you are busy with the guests, you can use your smartphone to Lock/Unlock the door. Impress your guests by adjusting the temperature from your smartphone according to their mood. After the party, track whether all the lights and fans are switched OFF from your smartphone.

Home automation allows you to enjoy these benefits and more….So this Diwali gift yourself a safe and secure lifestyle by automating your home.

To know more about home automation, click  Also, you can gift your loved ones Diwali Safety Sensor kit offered by BuildTrack this year.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Fire break out at Reserve Bank of India

Just recently the news of a fire break out in the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) building was doing the rounds. The fourth floor of the building in Bandra-Kurla Complex (BKC) witnessed a blaze around 8:30 AM.

According to sources, 10 fire engines were rushed to the spot and no immediate casualty was reported. The cause of fire was unknown.

These things take place often now-a-days majorly in offices. The buildings are towering high and the wiring is dense. In addition to that, some offices have huge server rooms. And this is a place that is most likely to catch fire immediately if there is a minor breakout.

These things can’t be stopped, but definitely can be avoided using Smoke Sensors. Practically speaking, it is difficult to manual looking after everything in a huge office. To help with the same, you can install a smoke sensor which will warn you when it senses any smoke and necessary precautions can be taken for the same.

90% of the offices today have huge carpeted areas. It would just require a spark to set a huge area ablaze. Then there are so many products which would initiate the fire easily. Installing a smoke sensor is a smart way to go. “A stitch in time saves nine”, proverbs are not only meant to be read but implemented. Take the initiative and assure safety to your employees.

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